The full half-season schedule will be available in your team’s Playmetrics account.

Uniforms and Equipment

  • Each player must wear the entire uniform for each game (jersey, shorts, socks).
  • Shin guards are required for every player at practice and games.
  • Players may not wear jewelry (including earrings), watches, or barrettes during games.
  • Cleats
  • In cold weather, players may add layers underneath their jersey. These layers should not include zippered or hooded sweatshirts for safety reasons.
  • Every player should have a ball of the appropriate size for their age group. Always bring the ball to practice. Use size 3 for U8 or younger, size 4 for U9 to U12, and size 5 for U13 and older.


Each team will have two practices per week after school. Please make every effort to have your child attend all practices, as this is where they learn how to play the game. If a practice is cancelled for any reason, the coach or manager should contact you in advance. Please do not leave your child alone at the field before practice. Players should be picked up promptly at the end of practice. The coaches will not leave your child without adult supervision after practice, so please remember the coaches are volunteers and also have families and other obligations.

Playing Time

Every recreational player who comes to practice regularly or who has an excused absence is guaranteed to play at least one-half of each game.

Canceling Games

Soccer games are played in the rain and light snow, so players should report to the field unless notified of a cancellation. Games are canceled by the referee, not by the coaches. You will be notified on the field if an individual game will be canceled by the referee.


Referees and Spectator Behavior

  • All Stateline League games use licensed referees. The decision of the referee in soccer is final.
  • Geneva Lake United requires spectators to refrain from arguing with, shouting at, or otherwise harassing referees. Spectators who engage in this conduct will be asked to leave the field.
  • Spectators are reminded that the players are out there to have fun. Please encourage them to do their personal best and set a positive example of good sportsmanship. Your conduct at practices and during their games will be the example they will follow. By all means, cheer on your player and the team, but leave the coaching to the coaches.
  • Alcohol is not permitted at youth soccer matches.
  • Duck Pond Recreation Area is a public park. Please respect the grounds and clean up after yourself.
  • Parents and spectators will sit on the side of the field opposite of the teams. Sit no closer than five yards to the sideline and keep younger children well away from the field of play. No spectators are allowed to stand behind the goals.


Wisconsin Youth Soccer Policies



If you have a concern about rules or club policies, please speak with your child’s coach after the game or practice or contact the club president.