GLU Hiring for Director of Coaching Position


Advancing Geneva Lake United’s (GLU) support of player and coach development requires creating a paid Director of Coaching (DOC) position. The individual in this role will lead the club’s efforts in these areas. GLU recognizes that even dedicated volunteers who have the requisite knowledge simply cannot devote the time and energy required to develop the club to the next level.

Club Development

The DOC will develop, advance and improve the club’s written club philosophy, coaching curriculum, and website content. This development will include appropriate objectives and teaching approaches for each age level consistent with club philosophy.

The DOC will lead pre-season planning with the Board to establish and organize the club’s training approach for the season and determine the optimal practice schedule to support the approach.

The DOC will revise and improve the existing Coaching Resources and distribute these materials to each coach each season.

Player Development

The DOC will develop, publish to the Board, and implement a club-wide player evaluation tool to assist with decisions regarding select teams and team composition.

During each half season, the DOC will conduct skills clinics open to all club players on a regular basis. Such clinics can address specific skills or positions and will be advertised in advance.

The DOC will manage and organize the in-house program for U6 and U7 players. This includes finding and managing a lead coach for the in-house program, providing the lead coach with a curriculum, and overseeing the program. If the DOC cannot find a lead coach, the DOC will coach the in-house program.

The DOC will organize and conduct tryouts for GLU select teams and participate in player evaluation and selection with the team coaches.

Coach Development

The DOC will lead the Board’s coaching committee in recruiting new coaches, evaluating the skills and qualifications of all coaches, working with coaches to improve their skills, assigning coaches to teams, addressing concerns about GLU coaches, and implementing discipline as necessary.

The DOC will develop, publish to the Board, and implement a plan for providing training to GLU coaches. Such a plan will include initial training for new coaches before they start with their teams as well as continued training for existing coaches.

The DOC will be available at Duck Pond during normal coaching times (generally weekdays 4-7 PM) during the season at least four nights per week to observe coaches, provide feedback to coaches, lead training sessions for particular age groups or teams, and evaluate teams and players.

Each half season, the DOC will conduct at least two training sessions alongside each team coach. The purpose of these sessions is to provide direct and personal feedback to coaches and to ensure that all teams are being coached according to the club’s philosophy. For these sessions, the DOC will write the session plan, provide the plan to the coach and discuss who will lead which activities. The DOC should lead some activities and the team coach should lead others while the DOC observes. At the end of the session, the DOC will provide private feedback to the team coach.

The DOC will observe home matches on Saturdays and Sundays and provide feedback to coaches on game performance and training priorities.

Position Details

The DOC must hold at least a State D license. Higher licenses are preferred.

The DOC must have documented experience coaching youth soccer teams. Experience at a variety of levels is preferred.

The DOC must hold a valid coach pass card issued by the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA).

The club expects the DOC to work at least 20 hours per week for nine weeks around each half season.

The pay for the DOC is $2,700 per half season.

To apply for the position, please email your resume to