What are the registration fees?

Registration is $110.00 for each child playing on a U9 to U15 recreational team; U8 fees are $85.00. This fee covers both the fall and spring seasons. We have limited funds available to sponsor children unable to pay the fee; please contact the club in advance.

What is cost of the uniforms?

Uniforms for the recreational program cost $45 for the entire set. Sets include two jerseys, one pair of shorts, and one pair of socks.

What is the cost of the in-house program?

The in-house program for kids 5-6 years old costs $55 for the fall and spring season and includes a t-shirt.

What is the required uniform and equipment?
  • Each player must wear the entire uniform for each game (shirt, shorts, socks).
  • Shin guards are required for every player at practice and games.
  • Players may not wear jewelry (including earrings), watches, or barrettes during games.
  • Soccer cleats
  • In cold weather, players may add layers underneath their jersey. These layers should not include zippered or hooded sweatshirts for safety reasons.
  • Every player should have a ball of the appropriate size for their age group. Always bring the ball to practice. Use size 3 for U8 or younger, size 4 for U9 to U12, and size 5 for U13 and older.
When will my child practice?

Each team will have two practices per week after school. Please make every effort to have your child attend all practices, as this is where they learn how to play the game. If a practice is cancelled for any reason, the coach or manager should contact you in advance via TeamSnap. Please do not leave your child alone at the field before practice. Players should be picked up promptly at the end of practice. The coaches will not leave your child without adult supervision after practice, so please remember the coaches are volunteers and also have families and other obligations.

How much will my child play in the games?

Every player who comes to practice regularly or who has an excused absence is guaranteed to play at least one-half of each game.

When and how are games cancelled?

Soccer games are played in the rain and light snow, so players should report to the field unless notified of a cancellation. Games are canceled by the referee, not by the coaches. You will be notified on the field if an individual game will be canceled by the referee.

What is the Stateline League?

Most of the club’s teams play in the Stateline league, a recreational soccer league composed of teams from towns across Walworth County.

What is Recreational soccer?

Recreational teams play in recreational leagues. The important policies defining recreational soccer include:

  • Recreational teams are formed each year.
  • Teams are formed on the basis of geographical area or random selection.
  • Each player shall play at least half of the game, provided they meet the club’s established requirements.
  • Recreational teams have no more than half of the team returning from the previous season (teams must rotate at least 50% of the team roster from registration year to registration year.) In Wisconsin, this includes no more than five returning players.
  • This may be relaxed in areas where the community may be challenged to form multiple teams.
What is Select (or Competitive) soccer?

There are many policies concerning competitive soccer in Wisconsin. You can read them in the WYSA Consolidated Policy Manual at the state website. For our purposes here, the important facts are:

  • There are tryouts and cuts.
  • The teams play in a geographically larger league called the Southeast Classic League (SECL) with games in and around Milwaukee.
What are the age guidelines for the current season?

At the November 2015 WYSA State Board Meeting, the Board took action to approve the implementation of the Small Sided Standards and Birth Year Registration mandates included in US Soccer’s new Player Development Initiatives effective August 1, 2016 for all Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association players and programs. If you are not familiar with US Soccer’s Player Development Initiatives, please see http://www.ussoccer.com/coaching-education/resources/2015-player-development-initiatives.

Upon implementation players will register according to the year they were born. Players will no longer be age appropriate based on a birth date between August 1 and July 31 and/or their grade in school. Instead, players will register and be age eligible according to their birth year (2009, 2010, 2011, etc).

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