Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Priority Registration Open Now!

Priority registration for returning GLU recreational players for the Fall 2019/Spring 2020 season is now open! (Remember you are registering for both Fall and Spring.)


Plus, if you register by June 3, you will also receive a $5 discount on your registration fees!

If your child is not currently registered with GLU, please check back on June 3 when general registration for the Fall 2019/Spring 2020 season will open.

Q: What level will my child play?

U6: 2014 Birth Year
U7: 2013 Birth Year
U8: 2012 Birth Year
U9: 2011 Birth Year
U10: 2010 Birth Year
U11: 2009 Birth Year
U12: 2008 Birth Year
U13: 2007 Birth Year
U14/15: 2006 Birth Year (and 2005 8th graders)

Q: Does my child need a uniform?

If your child is playing on the U8 level and above, he/she does need a uniform.

Q: Do we need to order a new uniform every year?

No. As long as your existing uniform fits, you do not need to reorder.

Q: My older child has a navy uniform that doesn’t fit. Can I pass it down to my younger player?

Maybe. Please do not assume you will be able to do this. Contact me with the number of the uniform you’d like to use so that I can make sure the number isn’t already taken. (Red uniforms are no longer in use.)

Q: My child is older for his class and his birth year puts him up a level? Can he play down with his classmates?

Maybe. Please contact me if you wish to make this exception. We are able to do this, but for a very limited number of players per team, so this is granted on a first request basis.

Q: My child’s skills are advanced, and I would like my child to play up a level above where his birth year puts him. Can we do this?

Maybe. We like to give ample time for kids to register for their correct age groups so that we are able to place everyone on a roster. Please register your child for the correct age and then submit your play-up request in writing via email to registrar@genevalakeunited.org. Approvals will be granted in July.

Q: Is GLU offering select teams this season?

Yes, we will be offering select teams for U11, U12 and U13/14 Girls players. Visit our select programs page for more information and to register for tryouts.

**If you haven’t done so before or if it’s dated, please make sure to upload your child’s photo IF THEY ARE PLAYING U8 AND ABOVE. We need a photo for their player passes.

Questions? Don’t be afraid to ask!

Leslie Gostomski, Registrar
Geneva Lake United SC